Who are we?
Organic Health Food Supplements

Holy Taste is a Canadian company specializing in a variety of organic health foods, supplements and eco-friendly household cleaning products. Our rich product line includes Organic groceries, gluten free and vegan mixes, unique super foods, enviro-friendly cleaning products, natural body care, an extensive selection of salt lamps, and cutting-edge dietary supplements.

Fact: Our company staff (and their families) use the products themselves and are often the first group to test the samples and give their feedback before they make it to your on-line shopping cart.

Our philosophy
We are on an adventure to make our world organic one click at a time.
Founder of Holy Taste

Holy Taste was founded by Adeysh Sahney [Adey to his friends], a former fashion merchandiser from New York City who relocated to Toronto in 2008. Having lived a fast-paced lifestyle in NYC for over 15 years, Adey decided to come to Toronto with the desire to find a more organic and mindful existence which he indeed found right here in the heart of Toronto.

Adey’s love for all things organic combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and faith in the universal laws of attraction, just seemed to carve his way into the organic health food industry, and that is how Holy Taste was born.

Growing up in a household where (good) food played an important role has meant that Adey has a natural pallet for identifying premium quality products. On top of that, having worked in competitive retail business for so many years means Adey appreciates the importance of customer satisfaction so rest assure you will receive nothing short of an excellent service when dealing with Holy Taste. Our Holy team takes personal pride in overseeing to the care that is given to each and every order that is placed.

We are on an adventure to make our world organic one click at a time. We invite you to join us on this organic journey. Please take a few minutes to browse the website and feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have we are only one organic click away.

Let your spiritual awakening start here.