Easy Vitamins & Minerals Magnesium,200g

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Easy Vitamins & Minerals Magnesium is a bio-available, highly absorbable complex of clinically proven, active natural compounds supporting your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Highly concentrated: there is no need to take multiple �horse pills� to get an effective dose. Just 1 rounded teaspoon, twice daily to get all the relief and protection you need.
Easy Vitamins & Minerals Magnesium is a fine powder, 100% natural, completely soluble, grit-free formula comprised of organic magnesium, vitamin C and Fiberrific.
Unlike other supplements, Easy Vitamins & Minerals Magnesium requires nothing additional to make it palatable; No sweeteners, No flavours, No anti-thickeners.

Contains a unique complex of organic magnesium with enhancers for maximum absorption regardless of age, nutrition or hormone status.

The highest absorption potential of any magnesium supplement.

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