Pure-Le Natural Astragalus Root Extract,50ml

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In Chinese medicine, Astragalus root is regarded as one of the most important tonic and health promoting plants. It has enjoyed a long history of use in strengthening the Wei Ch’i or “defensive energy” or as we call it, the immune system. Regarded as a potent tonic for increasing energy levels and stimulating the immune system, astragalus has also been employed effectively as a diuretic, a vasodilator and as a treatment for respiratory infections. It is used to increase resistance to disease and infections, restore a depressed immune system, restore energy reserves and reduce stress. The polysaccharides in Astragalus have been shown to intensify phagocytosis of reticulo-endothelial systems, stimulate pituitary-adrenal cortical activity and restore depleted red blood cell formation in bone marrow. Astragalus is also one of the herbs known to stimulate the bodies natural production of interferon. These immune supportive properties making Astragalus ideal in all cases of immune deficiency. Astragalus root is popular in people who feel weak to someone who easily “catches” colds.


Immune system support
Respiratory infections
Stress reduction

Usage: Take 3-6 drops 3 times daily before meals. For the treatment of serious conditions it may take an extended period of time (three to four months) to notice results.

Ingredients: Astragalus root, pure grain alcohol (20%), pure filtered water.

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