Schinoussa Sea Vegetables Berry Antioxidants 270g

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Schinoussa Sea Vegetables is an amazing food offering incredible nutritional value. Sea Vegetables are known as an outstanding mineral rich food. They are packed with all the minerals and trace nutrients we need with high bio availability. Sea Vegetables are famous for supplying missing nutrients in our diet. Berry antioxidants has seven powerhouse superfoods algae combined in a raw living state with wild crafted flax powder. The sea vegetable and berry combination was created for advanced lifestyles. Athletes, seniors or those recovering from injury need extra antioxidants to produce faster healing and recovery effects. Each selected berry offers its own healing benefits.

Benefits: Energy, Brain health, pH balance, detox, repair tissue, immune support, anti-viral/bacterial, anti-aging, and weight loss. Energy, digestion, reduced aging, reduced stress, cleansing are some of the natural benefits. Heart, lungs, brain and many other organs
benefit from the purity of these berries.

Suggested use: Add one tsp to your favourite beverage such as apple juice, smoothies or just cold water. Stir with a spoon and drink. Vary the amount of liquid to establish your preferred taste and texture. Enjoy once or twice a day. Refrigerate after opening

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