Govinda Artisan Dessert Sweet Chestnut,100g

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Govinda offers a very unique organic dessert. These delicious bite-sized confections are not only satisfying, but also nourishing to the body. High quality and a passion for detail are key in the creation of these confections. Savour the flavour – treat yourself to good health!

Govinda Sweet Chestnut treats are made from fresh, slowly roasted chestnuts.


Gluten Free

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Butter, Organic Sweet Chestnuts, Organic Chickpea Flour, Organic Dates, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Cinnamon.
Origins: Coconut Butter · Philippines; Chestnuts · Italy; Chickpea Flour · Turkey; Dates · Tunisia; Agave Syrup · Mexico.
Keep cool and dry. May have come in contact with nuts.

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