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Taking only the finest kale from our farm in Southern Ontario, we work to bring you a snack that is not only healthy, but tastes delicious. We believe that kale tastes best and IS the best when it is air dried naturally. By air-drying we are cutting out all the oils, grease, and overall badness that goes along with deep-frying and baking.

Per calorie, kale provides more nutrients than any other vegetable on the planet. It’s packed with dozens of minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients including vitamins A, C and K making it a great choice for fighting inflammation and cardiovascular support. Its Sulphoraphane and endole-3-carbinol content propels it into the ultra-superfood category making kale a must have on your grocery list!

We start with a leaf and add a dash of spice, bringing you the best snack that is gently air dried, not deep fried.

Creamy Onion started out as a simple bulb with big flavour aspirations. Following the line of her Great Fore-Bulbs, she began her own adventure of daring, wit, and courage. Joining forces with neighbourhood kale-entrepreneur, Kaley, they vowed to bring the world a flavour with an unforgettably smooth punch, without losing the goodness that makes the snack.


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Creamy Onion