Lumiere De Sel Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Stones,500g

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Product Description

Naturally Raw, unrefined, without additives, Kosher Certified.

Used for the preparation of brine solution for internal cleansing, eliminating toxins from the body. The brine also enables better absorption of the minerals in the Crystal Salt and helps to balance the acidity level of the body.

Brine solution is made by dissolving salt crystal stones in water – a process that will cease at a state of 26% saturation. Once at this saturation level, the crystals will no longer dissolve. The solution created at this saturation level is called brine or “sole”. One teaspoon of sole is then added to a glass of good quality drinking water (like reverse osmosis, distilled or spring water) and is then drunk every morning on an empty stomach. This routine has helped people with a variety of ailments

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